Banish Acne Scars Derma-Rolling Starting Point

Today marks the first day for two things… The first one concerning my attempt at blogging consistently since the previous years, and a journey to (hopefully) better skin. In this post I won’t be going into what derma-rolling is; but I will be setting up the starting point for my journey.

My skin has always been in a sort of inconsistent cycle of chaos. It goes from good to bad, to good to worse; best described as a peak and valley sort of pattern. Lately I have been so excruciatingly stressed with college being that it is my Junior year (yippee????!) and I am beginning to take the upper divs for my major. For me, stress highly affects my skin.

I’ve been eyeing the Banish derma-roller for awhile now and they recently had a sale where it was buy three get one free and I had to hop on that deal. In a couple days I had received my shipment.


The Banish kit. Pouch includes: vitamin C serum, roller, disinfecting container, and instructions.

The basic starter kit is what I opted for and ordered three of them. Using the roller once every two weeks and the vitamin C serum every day, I will update every other week to share my progress.

As for my skin right now, let’s get straight to it. Here are some pictures of my skin in all its not so glorious glory:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As you can see I have some clusters of acne scars around my cheeks. I scar easily due  to having genetics that made me prone to cystic acne, which is deep under your skin versus your average whiteheads. While my cystic acne has been better these days (hormones stabilizing finally!!!) as I am moving into my early 20s, my skin still gets pretty bad breakouts from several other factors.

I have been eating pretty unhealthy lately, grabbing fast food and not exercising. This is most likely reacting with my stress levels to create the breakouts I am currently having right now. Through this process I am going to try to work on eating healthier and exercising while on winter break.

Hopefully derma-rolling can help to fade my scars I’ve accumulated throughout the years. I will check back in a couple weeks and update on my skin’s progress.

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Creativity in a Passive Body

My journey since high school has been what I would call interesting. I’ve been consumed in doing school work non stop, yet retaining nothing as my mind has been completely barren in coming up with creative and self-comforting ideas.

Unlike when I was younger, I am becoming less creative in my mind and moving deeper into a perpetually tired and slightly depressed state. But being a business student I need to keep on my toes. Innovation is the key to many successful business people in all industries and I need to motivate myself to move forward.

Possibly it is the stress of what is to become of be in the future after I complete my Bachelor’s Degree in the next few years, or maybe just your average student burnout mixed with a hint of frustration. Whatever it is, I need to cope with it.

When I was younger I would always create pages using HTML coding, draw on numerous art platforms such as MS Paint and Photoshop and post them to deviantArt. Nowadays my creativity extends to phone photography and Instagram. While phone photography is my primary source of a creative outlet, I’d like to make a promise to myself to go back to the traditional film camera and DSLR camera photography I’ve loved for so long in combination with my mixed media art pieces, cooking, and writing.

They’ve comforted me for so long, yet I’ve abandoned it all with the emotions and the choice to become both a working machine and a stay in bed all day thinker.

It’s so very easy for me to write all my problems and do nothing about it, but in this year i promise myself I will make more of my life. I won’t give into the depression and anxiety of the uncertainty.

Until next time, my heart cries for change.




Hello everyone! This is just a quick post I’m writing from my phone in class. I have some free time so I would like to talk about my first affogato.
Now you may not know what an affogato really is, and I didn’t know what one was up until recently either. It’s surprisingly simply composed of two main ingredients: a scoop of ice cream and a couple shots of espresso.
Prior to my fairly new obsession with various cafés and coffee shops, I typically just drank the coffee or tea that was just sitting around in our kitchen or grabbed something quick from starbucks.
The constant blah of the same-old cup of joe propelled me to seeking out new, artistic and somewhat poetic styles of caffinated cups. Places like Urth Caffè caught my eye with their adorable latte art, but it’s too far of a drive to get one of their hyped up cups with bears or swans shaped in the foam.
I’ve visited Dripp at The Shoppes numerous times after school or after church. I typically play it safe and order my favorite drink of choice–an iced chai tea latte. But this time, I had a sweet tooth. Their ice cream sandwiches temped me with their creamy cold scoop of ice cream, but my palate also desired the bitter yet earthy taste of coffee that many love.
Just right then, I saw on the menu the affogato.  Described as a scoop of vanilla ice cream with espresso poured over, I quickly determined my choice with no questions asked.
Creamy and cold, slighly sweet and a tad bitter, the flavors blended well to satisfy my craving. There are many other coffe shops that sell affogatos, so many I need to try! But for a first experience, I’d like to give this cup of coffee a thumbs up. 🙂


How was everyone’s week?
Monday was my highlight outfit of the week. I wore a floral tank top from forever21 along with some jeans and my favorite pair of Rainbow sandals.
Now, this outfit was the perfect start for the day but then I decided to be the smartest girl ever and eat pasta with marinara sauce and spilt it on my shirt.
Being in a crunch for time, I used my dad’s (clean) sock and some water to get the stains out-which surprisingly worked very well! Now on to the day…
…So as a senior you have the choice at my school to end 5th period (which is before lunch; roughly around 12:30) so I had the opportunity to accompany my parents downtown during the week!
My mom has an up and coming hair buisness called Crown nd Glory and she needed supplies, so we scoped out small beauty stores.
But what would be a trip downtown without stopping at one of the street food vendors? PUPUSAS, RASPADOS, TACOS, AND BACON COVERED HOT DOGS GALORE! We decided to go with the last on that list, and oh my goodness, with ketchup, mustard, pico de gallo, and onions how else could you go wrong?
For all those taking a trip from somewhere else to Downtown Los Angeles, I would definitely advise you to take a trip and try all of the wonderful street food.
However, if it is not in your plans to hang out on the street to eat your wonderful food finds, there are many other hip, clean restaurants found throughout downtown. Two of my favorites places I would have to recommend are Bottega Louie (700 S. Grand Avenue) and Urth Caffé (four locations: Downtown, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Pasadena). Here are a few pictures of the food from Louie’s:
Assorted Macarons
Smoked Salmon Benedict

Also some pictures from Urth Caffé:

Half a Grilled Cilantro Chicken Pesto Sandwich
Blended Organic Green Tea Boba

I would like to end this post by saying thanks for reading my first “real” post, and I will be posting weekly! If there is any product, restaurant (within SoCal for now), or anything else you would like me to review/ask me, leave a comment and I’ll try my best to have the opportunity to review it! 🙂